Training – Talent Management

Scope of Assignment

BankT&D Training undertook a Talent Management assignment at the request of a newly established bank in UAE.

Our Work

It included creating designs and methodologies for:

  • Developing a talent recruitment program
  • Building a corporate training academy
  • Selecting training vendors
  • Creating an employee education scholarship fund; and
  • Implementing a talent inventory and succession planning process

It also encompassed a Training Needs Analysis across the organisation and the development of career progression and training grids for key job families.


Upon conclusion, the CEO expressed his wish that all employees in the bank participate in a basic foundation course in banking.   This ‘Core Banking Program’ has been delivered 3 times to over 350 employees thus far.  The first took place over 3 months, the second over 1 year and the third run over 2 years.  The fourth edition of the Core Banking Program, again to be delivered over two years for an additional 150 employees, was begun in mid-2013.

BankT&D Training has worked closely with the client to ensure the interests and requirements of all stakeholders, including line managers, were taken into consideration in the programme’s design and execution.