We design and deliver in-person classroom and online training that addresses current strategic priorities of banks and offer training primarily across banking specific products and functional areas.

Our training develops the required knowledge, skills and banking acumen, so as to be relevant both at a conceptual and at a practical level.

We assist our clients by designing training programs that address career development needs of bankers.  Our training is delivered via customised programs with both onsite in-person classroom training and online, real-time courses.

Key Differentiators

  • Being practitioner bankers, we possess strong subject matter expertise that enables us to provide effective and practical training
  • Our instructors are senior international bankers with strong communication and course delivery skills
  • We tailor our training programs to be reflective of unique regional market realities, and select instructors who possess this relevant experience
  • Our training methodology has a strong emphasis on interactive learning through lectures, case studies, simulations, role plays and exercises
  • We assist our clients in conducting training needs analysis, and then design a curriculum for banking skill needs across different job functions and career progression levels

Offering & Methodology

BankT&D Training Program Offering

  • Entry level Management Associate/Core Banking programs
  • Applied Financial Analysis
  • Corporate Credit Risk (for junior, intermediate and advanced levels)
  • Credit Application (CA) Writing Workshop
  • Problem Recognition & Remedial Management
  • Structured Trade Finance
  • Relationship Management Workshop
  • Contractor Finance
  • Treasury & Market Risk
  • Treasury FX & Money Markets Simulation Workshop



BankT&D Training uses a variety of teaching methodologies with an emphasis on making the training sessions as interactive as possible. Lectures provide frameworks, theory, background and practical examples. Learning is reinforced by active classroom involvement of participants through real life case studies, exercises, and simulations where possible. Participants work extensively in teams and are required to make presentations to the class based on the results of their teams’ efforts.

Participant evaluation using tests, quizzes and qualitative feedback is routinely provided.  BankT&D instructors are experienced bankers, not academic professors. We have deep domain knowledge, and our instructors possess strong communication and course delivery skills.

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