Digital Transformation

Finding the optimal balance between productivity, service quality, costs and controls is a key challenge for managers looking to reach higher levels of operational excellence.

We have the relevant experience, tools and track record of assisting you decide that balance and then to execute the plan to achieve substantial and demonstrable improvements rapidly.

Process Improvement & Automation

Using our proprietary innovative tools and methodology, BankT&D Consulting can help you rapidly capture, simulate and redesign business processes across the organisation. We can also help rapidly automate manual or semi-automated processes that fall outside your core banking systems.

Maximising the Business Value of your IT Assets

Our IT Services practice supplements client internal resources to achieve more out of their IT investment.  We help you rationalise your IT infrastructure and bridge any critical gaps to achieve the optimal result. This involves identifying areas for consolidation, retirement and renewal.

We will work with you in the selection of systems to support your business and service delivery strategy. Pure technology aspects of the task are important but more crucial challenges are defining the business requirements, identifying functional gaps, setting the selection criteria, evaluating vendors against those criteria and most importantly, deciding on the desirable as well as absolutely necessary changes.

Quality Management

We will help you define Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and quickly create a fully automated system for capturing and analysing actual day-to-day performance against these KPI’s.  Aggregate results will be made available to senior managers via reports or through on-line dashboards.  Line managers can drill down to the lowest level of transactional details. This Quality MIS identifies sources of bottlenecks and defects and allows prompt corrective action for improving quality of service to external and internal customers.

Operational Policies & Procedures

We will help you update your Operational Policies & Procedures to keep pace with changing operating conditions.  We make these documents user-friendly and streamlined through extensive use of process flow charts, desk-manuals and control function check-lists.  We treat the task as complete only when staff have been trained on the new policies and procedures and been proficiency tested.

Independent Controls, Reviews & Audits

We stand ready to supplement our client’s internal resources in the areas of Internal Control and Audit functions by having our subject-matter experts conduct joint or totally independent reviews. This will provide executive, non-executive or regulatory stakeholders with independent quality assurance for these crucial functions.

Centralisation and Outsourcing

We challenge the current handling of all decentralised or internal processes to see which of these can be streamlined through internal centralisation or through outsourcing to a trusted third party.  The impact on service quality and cost are the key considerations and we help our clients evaluate and implement the optimal choices for processes that are good candidates for change.