On the job Coaching & Mentoring: Measuring Training Effectiveness

Scope of Assignment

Working with a leading bank in KSA where the Corporate/Wholesale Bank Head and the Chief Risk Officer have jointly mandated BankT&D Training to spend time with the Relationship and Risk teams to conduct individual assessments of Risk skills.

Our Work

The assessments were made by the BankT&D Training consultant conducting reviews of Credit Proposals and Applications prepared by the Relationship Manager and Risk officer.  They were then guided on the risk analysis, structuring, and proposal write up in context of a “real deal” credit review.  This joint exercise serves to reinforce class-room training and allows the BankT&D Risk Consultant to assess the particular officer.  By spending time interacting with the Business and Risk teams, the consultant was able to assess first-hand the training effectiveness and re-training requirements.


This process enabled an outside risk consultant to assess the robustness of the bank’s risk policies and effectiveness of the credit process as practiced on the job.  BankT&D Training then provided feedback and suggestions for improvement to the client bank’s senior management.  It also facilitated an easing of the ‘tensions’ that invariably exist between business and risk teams in most banks.