“Boot Camp” Program for a U.A.E. Bank

Scope of Assignment

Our client, a major bank in the U.A.E. embarked on an ambitious learning & development project, whereby they wanted the entire officer level population of the bank to be trained using a common curriculum. The decision to undertake this long-term investment in mandatory training was taken at the CEO and board level.

Our Work

BankT&D Training was selected to conduct a bank-wide Training Needs Analysis and based on the outcome, we were tasked to design and implement a comprehensive training program in basic knowledge and skills that covers a full range of banking and finance disciplines. The 24 month program introduces the participants to practical, analytical and communication skills that a banker needs. It develops a fundamental level of business acumen. It prepares the bank staff to be more productive and effective. In effect, it ushers in a culture of learning and self-development via focused training across multiple banking disciplines.


BankT&D Training is running the fourth consecutive Boot Camp for this client.  Upon its completion in 2015, the program will effectively have been taken by the entire population of the bank that had been targeted at its inception. In the process, BankT&D will have assessed, trained and tested over 500 participants, and successfully brought about a transformational change, not only in upgrading key banking skills, but also in addressing our client bank’s motivational needs to retain and develop their Human Resource pool.