Credit Policy Manual Design and Rewrite

Scope of Assignment

Over the years, BankT&D Consulting has been tasked to develop or update Credit Policy Manuals across the business and functional risk segments for several clients including a major Islamic bank in the UAE, a large Pakistani bank, the European subsidiary of an Arab bank and a major Georgian bank.

Our Work

The assignments included first assessing the ‘as is state’, identification of gaps versus best practice, their adaptation and inclusion after business and risk management consensus and then the production and implementation of the Manual through training sessions and workshops. In one case the institution had businesses in over 100 countries and the Manual had to have ‘local buy-in’ and be designed in a manner that minimised exceptions and facilitated business across multiple geographies.


BankT&D Consulting delivered to all these institutions a comprehensive and practical Group Credit Policy Manual (GCPM) that clearly articulated each institution’s guiding principles and general lending and credit risk policies. For ease-of-use and inclusion of future policy amendments, the GCPM was designed to allow for page-by-page changes.  The soft-copy of the manual is stored in a secure, electronically indexed form, which allowed for search capability by keywords,  any combination of keywords, or by entire phrase.

Exceptions and disruptions to the business were minimized and global best practices adapted to the institutions’ credit philosophy, bench strength and complexity of the business.  The manuals were rolled out through interactive training sessions and web- based training materials.