Auto Finance Business Transformation

Scope of Assignment

One of Saudi Arabia’s leading banks needed to transform their auto finance business. Whilst they were category leaders, they were facing fierce competition as the market fought hard on price, credit and commission terms driving business to an unprofitable level.

BankT&D Consulting were tasked to help transform the business to recapture market share and leapfrog them ahead of competition in a sustainable, profitable manner.

Our Work

BankT&D Consulting helped design and implement an end-to-end transformation of the business covering sales, dealer relationships, transaction processing, customer service, credit approvals, equipment management, portfolio management, operating model , organisation structure and vendor selection for systems.

Our consultants conducted a strategic and tactical review of the relationships and processes involved with the dealer network, which is the backbone of the auto-loans business in Saudi Arabia. They also worked with staff to evaluate all bank processes and to get buy-in to the proposed changes across the bank.

The Bank’s executive management team accepted our comprehensive set of recommendations and commissioned BankT&D Consulting to assist them in their implementation.


The business has begun to gain back its market leadership position and profitability has increased two-fold. Many strategic initiatives recommended by us have been adopted and BankT&D Consulting is actively involved in their implementation.