Operational Transformation at a major, fast-expanding Islamic Bank in UAE

Scope of Assignment

The bank was about to embark on substantial business growth and wanted to ensure that they had the required processing capacity at vastly improved quality levels.

The initiative had targets of a 33% increase in productivity (measured by processing capacity) and a 21% improvement in quality (measured in transaction processing times). Additional deliverables included improved controls, greater level of centralisation, creation of fully updated Operations Policies and Procedures and automation of manual or semi-automated processes.

Our Work

BankT&D consultants and business analysts worked alongside a team from the client organisation to first map and analyse in detail about 200 key operations processes. This was done using our powerful tools and methodology that allowed simulation of all the processing variables (changes in workflow, transaction volumes, staff roles, work scheduling etc.) to identify bottlenecks. Brainstorming sessions were held with users to go over identified improvements.

The next step was the creation of ‘Should-Be’ processes and a dynamic capacity model. This was used to simulate and decide on a final set of desired process and resource changes. We then proceeded to help the client plan the implementation of prioritised changes at user, process and IT infrastructure level.

The final step was to assist the bank with devising a detailed implementation plan and execution of that plan. Besides achieving the productivity and customer responsiveness targets, we also assisted the client in the automation of tracking service quality through real-time dashboards that provide dynamic information about actual performance against target quality standards.


The end result was the over-realisation of target productivity and quality gains where a much increased volume of transactions is handled with one of the best service quality ratings in the market but with no increase in resources (headcount).